City Blues Connection



January/February 2018

Release of audio CD “City Blues Connection – Anna Liza”.

More than 10 articles and reviews of audio CD “City Blues Connection – Anna Liza”.

Several radio broadcasts with City Blues Connection history and premiere of the audio CD “City Blues Connection – Anna Liza”.

The Bluesnewsletter February 2018 reports, that song "Muddy Waters" from the album "City Blues Connection - Anna Liza" has been selected as one of the best songs of the CD "bluesnews Collection" by the Bluesnews readers.

Next radio broadcasts announced.



Recording sessions for audio CD “City Blues Connection – Anna Liza”, based on the Rhythm & Blues Big Band concept.

Second edition of “Louisiana Red & The City Blues Connection – World On Fire” published as audio CD.

Preversions of two songs selected for and published on the audio CD “bluesnews collection”.

Radio broadcasts in several radio stations.


Heiko Petcke, the outperforming Blues Harp player of City Blues Connections dies surpisingly at the age of 59 year. His burning sound and his extraordinary soulful Blues Harp will be never forgotten.

He recorded in the 1980's several records with City Blues Connection, e.g. LP's „I Do Not Play No Rock’n’Roll“ (listen to: „Love My Baby“) and „Louisiana Red und City Blues Connection – World On Fire“.  



Recording sessions and live premiere of the new band concept “City Blues Connection – the Rhythm & Blues Big Band” with 20 musicians:

5 lead vocals (3 female, 2 male),
12 horn players,
piano/keyboard player,
2 guitarists,
bass and drums.

Two songs of the 2005 and 2013 recording sessions selected for the samplers “Blues Affair” and “Blues Sisters, Vol. 1”.


2013 - 2015

Sporadic gigs in Germany and Austria.

Recording Sessions on the Balearic Islands, in Germany and Austria, amongst others, partially released on sampler “BGD ROCK CITY VOL. 1”:

"Tough Times" from the unreleased recording sessions "Watch Your Step" in 2005/2006

"This Angel" from the recording sessions 2013-2015

Audible "Tough Times":


City Blues Connection foundation member Juergen "J. J." Surrey dies at the age of 69 years in Bremen. The newpaper "Weser-Kurier"dignifies "J. J." as "substantial part of Bremen Blues szene"



2007 - 2012

Sporadic gigs in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.


2005 - 2006

Sporadic gigs in Switzerland and for the time being unreleased recordings "Watch Your Step" with Norbert Egger (Guitars and Vocals), Jürg "Boots" Stiefel (Bass and Background Vocals), Pädu Egli (Drums, Percussion and Background Vocals)

Songs “Tough Times”, “Apolitical Blues”, “Leave You In The Mornin’” (composed by Norbert Egger), “Fishing Blues” (Traditional, arr. by Norbert Egger), “How Long” (composed by Leroy Carr, arr. by Norbert Egger).



1986 - 2004

Sporadic gigs in Germany and Switzerland.



Fourth LP “Louisiana Red & The City Blues Connection – World On Fire” with
Louisiana Red (Guitar and Vocals)
Norbert Egger (Rhythm & Slide Guitar)
Heiko Petcke (Blues Harp)
Uwe Seemann (Bass)
Mick Schreiber (Drums & Percussion)
and guests.

All songs by Louisiana Red.

Audible: Mini Skirt (Vocals: Louisiana Red, Slide Guitar Norbert Egger)




Second single "Keep Movin'" / "Goin' Out" (both songs by Norbert Egger)


Third LP "I Do Not Play No Rock'n'Roll" with

Norbert Egger (Bass, Rhythm, Solo & Slide Guitar, Vocals), Heiko Petcke (Blues Harp and Background Vocals), Peter Wills (Gesang), Matthias Hökendorf (Drums and Background Vocals)


12 own songs and “Same Thing” (W. Dixon)

TV shows and many radio broadcasts

Audible: Apolitical Blues



First single “Bad Luck Situation” with songs

“Bad Luck Situation” (by Norbert Egger),

"Love My Baby But Woman Don't Love You" (by Norbert Egger) and

"Same Thing" (composed by Willie Dixon, arr. by Norbert Egger).



Gigs on the big Blues festivals and important clubs all over Germany, top act on festival with an audience of 8000 people.



First gig of City Blues Connection in the legendary club “Onkel Pö” in Hamburg with regular follow-ups.

Review in German Blues Circle Nr.54, Juli/August 1981: Norbert Egger "plays the best slide guitar, which I ever heard from someone living in this country [Germany]."



Second LP “Bluesin’ n’ Boogin’” with

Norbert Egger (Slide Guitar, Blues Harp and Vocals)
Daniel Wertheimer (Piano)
Matthias Hökendorf (Drums and Background Vocals)
Willi Karsch (Bass)
Guest: Dick Bird (Guitar and Vocals)

Audible: "I Am Ready"

Begin of festival tours and continuously performing in clubs.




Foundation of City Blues Connection through initiative of Norbert Egger in Hamburg.

First LP „City Blues Connection“ with

Norbert Egger (Slide Guitar, Blues Harp and Vocals)
Jürgen "J. J." Surrey (Guitar and Vocals)
Werner Willms (Guitar)
Andreas Bachmann (Bass)
Rainer "Macke" Brinkmann (Drums)
Jörg Bendsberg (Keyboard)